Renting & Buying Guide

Havasu RV Resort is a gated community of individually deeded lots. Each of our 398 lots is owned privately. Some of these lots are pull-through, some Class A only, some pull-in,  and some back in.   Lots differ in amenities and size and location to our Activities Center and/or Club house.

All of our lots have a water connection, a sewer connection, free internet wifi access, and an electrical power connection and a Palm tree. There may be one or two lots that are simply desert sand with the hookups, but they are virtually all gone. Each lot has its’ own characteristics. At the top end there are lots with casitas, ramadas, water features, outdoor kitchens with grilles, and verdant landscaping with stone walls and design pieces.

When you rent a space here you are making that arrangement with a private owner. You should first look over the List of Private Rentals or For Sale to find the type of space you are interested in. Then read the details to learn what comes with the space. Some rental owners offer you many extras with their price. Others just a few. Most, however, rent just the parking space for your RV and up to three side vehicles.

Use the contact information next to the gallery picture to contact the owner. Have him explain to you what comes with the price, how much is the deposit, is the deposit refundable, and any other items you are unsure of. Remember, each lot has its’ owner and that owner sets the conditions of your rental. Of course there are also the resort conditions that must be met, and your landlord should make those conditions available to you.

We have a Clubhouse that contains the office, post office facility, and club room. Find out from your contact person what comes with the rental and what you can use during your stay. The Clubhouse has a pool and Jacuzzi  The Activities Center has a pool and Jacuzzi  Activities such as dances and dance classes and exercise and lounging and showers are available. Get the rules of the resort from your landlord so you will know the lay of the land before you begin your stay.

Buying a lot is accomplished about the same way. You can rent a space first and walk the resort locating just the kind of lot you are after. Most properties will have a For Sale sign on the lot. Simply contact the owner and begin the process.

Remember, all of our rentals and properties are the sole responsibility of the owner and the prospective renter or buyer.